I'd like a WR, he wants a RB... What's fair here?

His WRs: AB, B.Cooks, D.Funchess, P.Garcon, M Jones Jr

My RBs: DJ, T.Coleman, Lynch, D.Lewis, K.Johnson, K.Drake

I already have Thielen, Adams, Kupp and Edelman so I’m just looking for some depth. Considering maybe asking for Funchess?

I honestly wouldn’t make a move. Your WR core is real good. You might not be feeling it since Edelman has been out, but your solid. On the flip side, you’re RB group isn’t super strong. DJ’s been ok, Coleman is gonna lose value when Freeman gets back, Lynch and Lewis are ok. I’d rather you make a move for another RB honestly

I feel like I have too many RBs with 6 of them in a 2RB+1Flex league.

I’m really hoping DJ finds his groove as the weeks go on cause I drafted him high, and then rely on Lynch for now since Drake sucks, Johnson isn’t getting reps and DLewis is sharing with Henry.

@MikeMeUpp whats your take on this?

I think you just made your case as to why you should hold steady or buy a RB. Yeah, 6 is a higher number, but it isn’t like you have a real strong RB either. They are all shaky right now

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I’m not really buying FUnchess with Olsen potentially returning. Funchess is pretty useless with Olsen in the lineup.

Garcon at this point is pretty useless. If he’s willing to sell lower on M Jones Jr, you could try and target him.

You don’t really have too much fire power on your team either though. Maybe you could do something like package Lynch/Kerryon + Kupp and try and grab B Cooks from him. I love B Cooks. Told people to buy after week one. UNforunately he costs more now but Kupp did have that blowup week which might get that deal done.

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I didn’t consider swapping Kupp for Cooks…sounds good to me

That would leave me with Thielen, Adams, Cooks as my starters and then Edelman as a possible flex/back up

I made a very similar trade last week. I gave up Kupp, Lindsay and Allen for Brandin Cooks. Was really happy with the trade even though Kupp blew the f up.

Then I traded Cooks + Mariota + Darnold in a package deal for K Allen + Baker last night. Its a SF league. Was also some draft pick swaps involved as well.

So now I have MT/OBJ/K Allen as my 3 starting WRs. Trying to buy AB now as well.

I’m currently negotiating with this guy

He has AB and Brandin Cooks that I’m looking to grab off him, I offered him any of my guys in a 2 for 1 to get AB first and he is considering it…if not I’ll try and get Brandin Cooks as a counter offer

He offered me:

AB for Adams+Lynch