Ideal line up...who should i trade away to better my team

I have Ezekiel Elliott and Todd Gurley as my RB’s. A.J Green and Michael Thomas as my WR’s. and Zach Ertz as my TE. these are my starters every week. I have Ameer Abdullah, Keenan Allen, C.J. Anderson, Pierre Garcon, Golden Tate, Randall Cobb and Doug Martin when he comes off suspension. my trouble is i dont think i have a solid QB i have Carson Palmer and i picked up Andy dalton this week to start against the Browns.
Question is what would be my best line up with what i have. and who should i give up/trade for

This is a PPR League and im 3-0 not panicking to get wins i have a solid team from my draft just want to solidify that i wont lose any games

Wouldn’t make any trades right now. Zeke may be suspended in a few weeks and you will need the rbs you have. If you could sell Garcon off of his performance last week for a better when that wouldn’t be terrible, but I like your team as is tbh

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I’d go Palmer this week vs SF. Just saying. Maybe you could trade a wr for luck and hope he gets back and performs for the playoffs. But your rb depth is scary. Wouldn’t get rid of either