Ideal time to join a dynasty league?

When is the best time to get into dynasty and/or keeper? I have only played redraft for the past two years but I am very interested in more of a challenge.

I have a basic understanding of how dynasty and keeper leagues work, I’m just not sure when it is the best time to join a league of this type. I have only used Yahoo thus far, but I am open to trying a different platform, like Sleeper or ESPN. Thoughts?

The best time to join dynasty is now until July. Once August comes, everyone starts thinking draft season. Get into a dynasty soon or get one going from the ground up before the NFL draft happens.


Thanks for the reply. Would you rather join a startup league or take over an abandoned team?

if you take over an abandoned team you want to join asap so you have longer time to work on rebuilding it. But the decision is solely on you to make that decision. Some people love the challenge of taking a bad team and making it good, others would rather have a team they built from the start, and others are just looking for a good established league and dont care what kind of team they have.


I personally joined a startup dynasty league my first year in dynasty and than another the following year. After that experience I wanted the challenge to take over an orphaned team. Sometimes it’s rough with a bad roster. Sometimes the owner just lost interest. An orphan team doesn’t necessarily make it bad.

I took one of the orphaned teams to the championship and won in year one. The other is a rebuild that I’m excited to cultivate.

My best advice if you do take the ‘orphan challenge’: decide whether it is a contender asap. Seek out advice or evaluation from a third-party. The sooner you decide the easier as all future decisions will be in order to achieve that goal.

For example, on a contender you tend to reject trade offers for your studs. During a rebuild you can take more risk when accepting trades for injured/out of favour players.

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I do like the idea of taking over a team and rebuilding, but I also don’t want to regret it for years to come. Definitely something to consider though.

Appreciate the advice. As I would mostly likely join a random league with an available team, is it reasonable to ask for the roster before committing? It seems fair to know what you’re getting into beforehand.

always ask even if you really dont care that much, it may be bad enough that youll regret as soon as you take it.

I wouldn’t join a league without:

  1. Seeing the roster.
  2. Reviewing the bylaws.

If there are no bylaws than it’s an hard pass. Or if there are any rules I prefer not to play with.

For example: League/Commish vetos. I refuse to play in such a league.