Idiot Moron QB Move

I just got Trubisky off waivers because no one else wanted him. Didn’t reset my waiver priority to pickup the Titans DST. CARRYING 3 QB’s is gross!

Play Ryan hosting the Cowboys, Wentz @ NO, or Trubisky against the Vikings? Also, I have the chargers DST; Should I drop Trubisky to also carry Titans DST for the playoffs? Other bench option to drop is Tate, MVS, Miller, but they’re all pretty decent and I am think at WR with Woods and Diggs starting.

How big is your league? How in the world are you able to roster Ryan, Wentz, and Trubisky?? If I were you I’d field the league to see who needs a QB, none of those guys should be dropped and see who’s willing to give a low RB2 or something similar for a QB. I was struggling at QB and sent Breida for Luck this week because I didn’t want to ride out Fitzmagic who could lose his spot mid game.

As to who to play, I would rank it Ryan > Trubisky > Wentz. They’re all great starts this week though and I wouldn’t blame you if you chose to start anyone else.

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12 person with a 7 spot deep bench.

Somebody’s gotta be hurting for a QB. Use your depth to your favor!

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Trade deadline passed last week; I guess I am just going to drop Trubisky or Anthony Miller possibly for Titans DST to stash for the next few weeks. Josh Adams is also available.