IDK....something just seems "hoakey" in NE!

First I just want to say…major apologies to any PATS fans here!!! BUT…just seems to me that too many things seem to just “amazingly” slide in NE’S favor. And today’s questionable TD by Kelvin Benjamin just added more fuel to that fire!!! Granted Tom Brady is an incredible QB…Mr. Bill is an incredible Coach!!!

But come on folks. Just seems NE ALWAYS seems to come out on top…ALWAYS seem to get a break when it looks like they don’t stand a chance…ALWAYS seem to amazingly pull it off when everything is against them…ALWAYS seem to get away with stuff that no other team does!!! IDK…maybe I’m just overly suspicious here…but…with today’s “questionable” overturn of Kelvin Benjamin’s TD (and no…I don’t have him on my roster or personally involved with anyone that does) which even Pereira is “blasting” as being suspicious!!! AND…not to mention “de-flate-gate” that I can guarantee you NO OTHER TEAM WOULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH…EVEN WITH A COURT DECISION!!!

IDK…just seems to me that NE ALWAYS seems to get the breaks that no other team even has the luxury of having that much…umm…shall we say…“pull” to get away with, with almost nothing more than a blink of an eye!!!

Again…sure I’m gonna catch all kinds of hell from this…but…sorry…just couldn’t help but voice my opinion here. Just seems like today’s TD overturn IN NE was the “cherry” on top!!!

OK…LOL…sorry for the vent!!!

I’m sure I just opened a huge can of worms and am gonna get a HUGE backlash here. BUT…even the most credited EXPERT: Pereira is calling it out!!!

Again…any PATS fans here…please don’t take this personal or hold it against me. Meant no harm to anybody by my post here. I love this place and everybody here. Just posting my thoughts. :blush:

To be fair, I’d say the patriots had to pay pretty heavily for deflate gate.

Large fines, lost first round draft picks, Brady suspended 4 games