Idk who to start, halllppp

How would you build this lineup???

I’d sub Boyd for Lindsay in a heartbeat. The Cincinnati/Atlanta game should be a high-scoring affair, and if A.J. Green is out this week, Boyd should easily be a WR2. Choosing between Brown and Lindsay is more of a toss-up; they’ll both probably score similarly.

Your running backs are solid and should be able to carry you. Gordon and Kamara should both run wild this week, so rest easy, on that front.

Manning isn’t the greatest QB, but the NO defense isn’t scaring anyone, this year, so it should be a favorable matchup. No need to look for alternative streaming options, there.

The big question is at TE. You’re going to need to drop someone, and you’re going to need to pick someone up. You have good depth, and I don’t see a “clear-cut” drop candidate. With all the good WR options on most waivers, I’d look to drop a WR, probably Goodwin.

That said, you certainly have more strength at RB than WR, so it wouldn’t be crazy for you to drop one of the RBs on your bench. However, if any of the RBs on your bench were dropped to waivers, I’d be looking to scoop them up myself ASAP. If you don’t mind waiting until the last minute to solve your TE dilemma, I’d suggest trying to offer up some trades before dropping anyone from your bench.

I’d probably replace Brown with Boyd, and a very personal choice on my part – replace Lindsay with Buck Allen. I see him having a big role in this game. Lindsay I just don’t know. KC defense sucks so far, but he is splitting time and might get some punishment in the form of fewer touches for screwing the team over and getting ejected last week. The RB situation in Denver is too uncertain for my taste, and Allen I think is going to see a lot of work in this.