IDP? Anyone added it to their league? Advice needed?

So our league is in talks right now of removing the DST Position and possible replacing it with a IDP position or just a standard flex position(way more opposition to adding a standard flex and making the waiver wire pool smaller)

I am the commish and will be putting this up to league vote in the offseason

So after doing my research my understanding is majority of plp don’t just do 1 IDP position it seems like most do 3-6.

What’s the reasoning on having multiple IDP instead of just 1…i am sure there is a reason.

Has anyone just done 1 IDP position and felt it was successful? If so what IDP position did you make it and what was the scoring like… Did you like what it added to the league?


I’m in two leagues (mine and another) WE do not do DST or K, we have a full roster of def players just like offense, I find it more interesting and more realistic. we usually have the following:

DE x2
LB x2
CB x2
S x2

I moved my league from ESPN to Sleeper for next year so its now:

DL x2
LB x2
DB x2

This format is so fun, I highly recommend it. Especially when you playing in a dynasty/keeper league.

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We started a dynasty league with IDP last year and i think it was the most interesting league i was in. We had 10 team - 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 2 DL, 2 LB, 2 DB - 25 bench, 5 IR, 5 Taxi. For the upcoming year we voted to add an IDP Flex (most likely will always be filled with a LB but it allows for flexibility) with no roster expansion. The main reason I was for it was, to make IDP a little harder from a waiver wire standpoint cuz even in our league you could still stream it if you so desired and increase offensive depth on the waiver wire.

I think the reason most say to add more then 1 IDP is due to the fact that it’s not a challenge if everyone has an elite IDP player - it really doesnt take any IDP knowledge to get 1 player. I would recommend that if you add IDP to you league to add more more then 1 position - thinking at least 3 LBs or 2 LBs and a flex… somthing like that. i think you could do the 2 DL, 2 LB, 2 DB pretty easy and it really adds a fun dynamic to the league. I would recommend a scoring something in the range of Blocked kicks - 6, Forced Fumbles - 4, Fumble Recovered - 4, INT - 6, Kickoff returned TD - 6, Passes Defended - 1.5, Punt Return Touchdown - 6, Sacks - 2, Safeties - 10, TkA - .75, TFL 1.5, TkS 1.5, TD defense - 6. However, in our league the if a player gets a sack they get the 2 for the sack, 1.5 TkS/.75 TkA, & 1.5 TFL so a sack gets you about 5 total points.