IDP draft strategy?

In a league where we have five IDPs. One general, 1 LB, 2 DB, and 1 D-line. What’s your strategy for these guys in a draft?

Some of the most popular options are:

  1. Draft IDPs during last five rounds.
  2. Reach around Round 10-12 to take a legend like JJ Watt. (risky)
  3. Don’t draft them at all, pick them up on the FA market later. (risky in the sense that you wind up with below average IDPs.)

IDP stats are as follows, and if you can average 20 points a week total from your IDPs you’ll be slightly above average:

  • Tackle Solo .6
  • Tackle Assist .3
  • Sack 2
  • Interception 3
  • Fumble Force 3
  • Fumble Recovery 2
  • Defensive Touchdown 6
  • Safety 3
  • Pass Defended 1

Offensively, it’s a standard league (no PPR) with QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, TE, TE/WR flex, and Kicker. 20 roster spots in all including defense.