IDP question for those of you that have done it before

So this is my first year doing an IDP. we are basically replacing kickers with that IDP position. In a 1QB 2RB 2WR 1 TE 1 FLEX 1D/ST 1IDP slot in a PPR league what is the importance of the defensive players. Cant find much information on where to look to draft certain guys. Do you guys recommend taking a shot at a guy like landon collins early or do you recommend waiting till late rounds. Thanks guys appreciate the input!

Ive been doing IDP leagues for a few years. I love following the defensive players.

ESPN puts together solid rankings for IDPs in the link above. Not many fantasy podcasts/websites deal with IDPs but I think it is definitely on the rise. High tackle LBs are the most valuable to have so if you are just having 1 IDP slot I would put it as a Defensive flex so if somebody wanted a Collins/Rashad Jones/Watt they could get them but I would go tackling machine LB personally with that selection and would pick them between round 6 and 8 after you get a solid group of RB’s and WRs. If you want a top tier guy you’ll most likely need to pick him between those spots.

It will depend on your scoring. As @lebrundage said your LB’s are likely to provide high tackle numbers with Sack upside. In a league I’m currently in, 8 of the top 10 IDP’s are LB’s.

To put it into context. Wagner scored 228 points the equivalent of a low WR1. There wasn’t much difference between players in scoring when you got past the IDP 6-7 though. It’s not a sure thing picking your IDP early and you may prefer to stream the position.


Thanks thats actually exactly what i wanted. I guess ill have to see when my league starts to take some of these guys and maybe pick 3 people i like and just wait till 2/3 of my guys are gone and then take one. Thanks for the input guys

All sound advice. Question…Why leave a DST? It will complicate picking the right DST and IDP. Then you run into double dipping points and the guy who owns JJ Watt and the Texans DST wins the championship. Interesting but sounds like trouble. I’d go 2-3 IDP slots, one at each level. DL, LB, DB. Or go one IDP or stick with kickers. Just a thought.

Yeah its our first year so were just simplifying the change if you know what I mean. Each year the league votes on what to change so thats a possibility for years ahead. But as for now, if you end up drafting like a JJ watt and Houston D/st you just get to benefit from that for now. Personally I dont think thatll be a problem but i guess i will find out.

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Defensive players are a dime a dozen. Sure, you can strike gold by having a JJ Watt or Luke Kuechly on your team, but someone always comes out of nowhere and gives you 20 points a game because they are a tackling machine. If you don’t like anyone as you start into the double digit rounds, that’s when you take your IDP player. I wouldn’t take a second one since you’ll probably drop the first one anyway.


That’s most likely what I’ll do. Typically always draft QB/TE/IDP late just because it is a good position to stream. But thanks for the thoughts

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