Idp when to draft defense

With 11 defense players to draft when should i start drafting them? PPR, SUPERFLEX,tightend prem

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Some people will tell you to take idp players after your starters have been filled. Here’s my take:
Treat them like any other position. Linemen are like running back. Only a few guys who will be special, with a couple of guys who may reach good heights.
Linebackers are pretty solid around the board. There isn’t near the scarcity of the lineman position.
And the same with DBs. You’ll probably have over 150 DBs play significant snaps this year. I don’t
Mind, if there’s no one special available in like the 6th, taking a nick bosa to ensure that you have a good solid lienup there.
Fantasy is an interesting game. I had a draft where a guy went all IDP for 6 rounds. He came in 4th this year.

Thanks bro I appreciate the insight. This is my first idp. do u recommend going after linebackers or defensive line first and who do you like this season at the positions?

I would just look at a ranking list. Linemen are kind of like RBs. If you don’t get one of the top guys you need to pick selectively for value. QBs I find are kind of similar to qbs in that you’ll have a few players that are able to make a splash, but other than that everyone kind of levels out. DBs are… Well like wrs. Lots of them, and most of them will do you pretty well
Don’t let the new format freak you out. Remember that they’re just players the same as any wide out.