If Ajayi doesnt play, do i go Lacy, Riddick, Drake or Perkins?

Need help in case ajayi doesnt suit up and my bench is all on bye. These are the names i can get in the waiver wire, please help! Standard league
Eddie Lacy (vs Redskins),
Theo Riddick (@ Packers),
Kenyan Drake (vs Raiders),
Paul Perkins (vs Rams)

Lacy will probably not get too many carries because Seattle has moved more towards passing. Ridicck is passing down only and Ameer has been pushing to get more of that work too. Perkins has to split more carries with Darkwa. Drake would be my choice because he was #2 when Anjali was still there. He will at last get early downs and better runner at goal line. The drawback is game flow and whether Giants can stay close and not resort to players no catch up.

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