If Conner doesnt play is Samuels a good start?

If Conner doesnt play is Samuels a good start?

Saints do pretty well against RBs but CMC just did alright … Half Point PPR

Hell yes! Hes been pretty solid for the past couple of weeks.

I’m currently going to play him over Lamar Miller as my flex (unless Ware is out as I have Damien Williams or Kelly if for some reason Gurley is out). NO is good against the run, but seem to struggle against pass-catching backs. Someone may have more info, but the little research I did showed that much.

James Conner has all but been ruled out just FYI. He himself said he is not ready yet this week.

With that being said, yes I would play Samuels. I currently have him in my lineup as well (in place of Conner).

Yeah by the sounds of what im seeing all over Conner isnt playing this week… If thats the case then im playing Samuels…

PS… What does JuJus injury do to Samuels value now if he aint playing as well lol