If David Johnson is out(Edit: he is playing)

Do I play Chase Edmonds against NYG, Devin Singletary vs Miami or Tyler Boyd vs Jacksonville?

I’d go Edmonds as I don’t think cardinals have much else at rb and quite possibly missing kirk at wr too. Edmonds could be in line for a lot of work if Johnson misses

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Any other opinions?

Edmonds or singletary should both be solid plays. I’d lean Edmonds given how good he looked last week.

If DJ is out I’m going Edmonds cause I’d want the guaranteed volume.

So, looks like DJ WILL be playing today, do I go Edmonds, Singletary or Boyd?

Singletary is riskier than Boyd, but I’d bet he has the better game.

Boyd has a tough matchup and the Gals have been embarrassing this year.

RBs are feasting on that Miami D. Plus Singletary has been out. And I’d bet Buffalo wants to play with their new toy.

Yeah my gut keeps telling me Singletary

WELP! I made the wrong call!


Yeah me too. Guess that old adage is true: My guts have shit for brains.