If Flacco does not play

Playing first place guy who has a stacked team. If Flacco doesn’t play, should I keep Dak in as my QB or should I toss Lamar Jackson in there for the high upside/ceiling play? This of course is if BAL names him starter and not RG3.

for me it would be hard to trust Jackson, yes we have seen some small flashes but he mostly has come in on run plays or a read-option.

right now, i like prescott over jackson, we know prescott can play. Since week 6, prescott has been a top 12 qb 3 out of 4 games. worst game in the time period was against a tough titans defense. This is atlanta, the team that mayfield crushed last week. And i def put mayfield above jackson as far as a nfl qb.

Yeah i would start Dak over Flacco as well. Even if Flacco plays, I would bet they but lamar in a little bit anyway, Dak has been playing well, ATL lets the QB run a lot more than other teams and he takes advantage of that when he can.