If Golladay is out, who do I plug in?


Golladay is my WR1 and I have Mclaurin as WR2. Who should I plug into WR slot?

Marquise Brown Vs. Browns

Sterling Shepard Vs. Eagles

Thoughts anyone?


But DJAX is on waivers. Drop Shepard and pick him up instead?

I love DJax this week. He is in my lineup. I don’t expect him to remain healthy for the entire season so Shepard is probably safer in the long term. That said, there are a lot of pass catchers in NY and few in Philly at the moment. You seem pretty set at WR with Gollady and Brown.

Denzel Ward is a tough CB and can keep up with Brown, that is my only concern. I think I can snag Shepard down the road if I need to, he seems to be not very sought after this year.

I agree. I don’t think the NYG receiving corps will be set for a few weeks. Ingram, Slayton, Tate and Shepard can all go off.

I forgot to mention I’m flexing Ingram. 2 Ravens in the line up could be bad.

You could drop Shepard as the Steelers is a top end defense and hope to pick him back up after your time with DJax is done… I also have Golladay and will be putting in DJax into my line up as a result. It worked last year :crossed_fingers:t3:

I should also add that I am playing DJax over Brown. Even though I have Lamar Miller as my QB. I would lean towards the Ravens being ahead and focusing on the running game.

Quick question. Did you draft Golladay as your WR1? Or is he a Flex option for you?