If Gurley Sits

Would you play Josh Adams vs. Houston or CJ Anderson @ Arizona?

If CJ is actually starting then i would choose him just because the matchup is juicy


This is one of the toughest fantasy decisions I’ve ever had to make.

I don’t know that I can trust CJ with Kelly there too. No matter how smart CJ is will he really be able to know the offense well enough? What if he’s rusty and then Kelly breaks a couple of good runs when they put him in? Match up is great and if they get up then they can just try and run the clock out, but still I just don’t know.

And its worse even thinking what to do if somehow if Gurley is active. You almost have to play him but the not knowing what he’s gonna do would be terrible as well.

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This I snagged them both but I’d probably play breida, too risky without knowing who’s the real #1

I’m pivoting to Doug Baldwin if Gurley is a no go.

Here’s what I just commented on another post. Hope it helps. Just some food for thought and another’s feedback on the subject of Gurley.


I’m a Gurley owner as well, and between him, Russell, Dav Adams and Chubb…they’ve all pulled me through every week (mostly Gurley). (Also had A Jones and Evans)

Hence, in the CHAMPIONSHIP.

BUT…really, really, really thinking that since RAMS have it locked up…why would they push Gurley…especially nursing the injury??? TBH…don’t think they’re going to. Even if they toss him in for a play or two…what’s that gonna do for “us” FFB’rs that are needing HUGE pts???

Sooooo…much as it pains me…I truly don’t know if I’m gonna play him. I just picked up Henry and thinking gonna throw him in. Also…grabbed Kelly weeks ago. I was watching him way back in pre-season, and this little guy was AMAZING!!!

I know they got CJ now…but…I just think Kelly is gonna get the chance to show what he can do these next couple of weeks and ultimately etch his little mark for the future!!!

They’re gonna save their “TICKET TO THE BIG ONE” with Gurley. They may have it locked up…BUT…they ain’t hoisting that trophy yet. That’s what they need Gurley for. Soooooo…….why take the chance of aggravating his injury until they ABSOLUTELY have to!!!

IDK folks…just some food for thought here. May be wrong. BUT…:confused:

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AND…as I just commented on another post, I just don’t know that I personally trust CJ anymore. Year after year these past few years, he’s just let me down time and time and time again. I know he was incredible for a few years…but…I just personally think THAT SHIP HAS SAILED!!!

JUST my thoughts and personal opinion. :thinking:

Alright guys I appreciate the responses but nobody even considered the comparison I asked for except @Fobbyp :joy:

So I ask again… Josh Adams or CJ Anderson if Gurley sits. And if Gurley is active I’m playing him hands down no hesitation.

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Sorry buddy. LOL…as happens sometimes, many of us happen onto a post that mentions one of our own players and we tend to get caught up in our own dilemma’s. :roll_eyes:

BUT…in your quest…damn…IDK…Adams kinda worries me with his back injuries. AND…with Smallwood and Sproles both getting TONSSSS of looks these past couple of weeks makes me nervous where Adams is concerned. AND…with PHI fighting with DAL for the DIV it’s really hard to say. They’re gonna be spreading the ball around between them.

Concerning CJ…as I posted…it’s hard to say with him, but…IDK…I just don’t know that I trust him. He’s gone off a couple of times these past few years…and just when you think he’s YOUR GUY…BAM…he don’t do squat the whole rest of the year!!! Hence: I just don’t personally trust him!!!

IF you desperately need to choose between the two, I reckon I would have to go with Adams.

Again…I’m not the best expert. SOOOO…hope I don’t steer you wrong!!! Just was trying to offer SOME KIND OF FEEDBACK HERE!!!

LOL…doesn’t look like any of us have helped you much here. Usually that’s not the case. BUT…many here are done for the season, so are not even here anymore at this point, so…please don’t give up on this place!!! This is the best FFB chat-site I’ve found…and trust me…I’ve checked them ALL out!!!

Hopefully some others will check back in tomorrow and may be able to offer a little more imput and feedback!!!

Sorry buddy. I know I haven’t been much help here. Just wanted to at least try to offer you something!!! :thinking:

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No I really appreciate the input. I know it’s a really tough decision. Would you give any thought to playing Sutton over them? This is for my flex 2 spot so we gotta dive a tad deeper unfortunately.

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Not sure how the 2 Flex’s work since we don’t have that, but…concerning Sutton…I have him as well, and at this point at least, keeping him benched. I’ll be checking for any and all updated reports on everybody tomorrow early to finalize my own roster.

BUT…TBH…I don’t know that I would trust Sutton at this point either. Here’s what I’m going on in that respect. What ESPN is reporting about him at the moment:

Sutton has logged six targets in each of his last two games, but that resulted in a total of seven catches for 56 yards, numbers that were topped by fellow receivers DaeSean Hamilton and Tim Patrick in that span.

Sooooo……that makes me have to wonder. DaeSean has broken out for big play these past couple of weeks. Does that continue??? Your guess is as good as mine. BUT…IDK…JMO…not starting Sutton.

Again…hope that helped my friend. Prob not the best one to ask. LOL

Best of luck!!!

Gary Klein ‏Verified account @ LATimesklein 20m20 minutes ago


Todd Gurley went through a workout, huddled with coaches and training staff and then went and chatted with QB Jared Goff at midfield. Gurley appeared to be going full speed with no issues during workout.

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Source: Todd Gurley is OUT against the Cardinals. Will not play.