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If I'm starting Russ Wilson, still start CHI DST?


In one league I’m in I stream DSTs - this week I felt best option is Chicago vs Seattle. But I have Russell Wilson as my QB. Would that make you want to grab a different defense this week since what ever happens basically negates one another?

Other options on the wire are
Jets DST vs MIA (then next week @CLE)
Giants DST @ DAL
49ers DST vs DET
Lions DST @ SF


Thanks all!


DST Help !!


I would hate to be in your position if cheering for both sides. I would choose another d but having both you could benefit from the others failure


I would choose Washington’s d


Yeah I truly have no idea what to do, like I want a lot of sacks for the d, some fumbles from anyone besides Russ but want Russ to score tds lol


Pick up a different defense


Which of those listed would you choose? None are that great compared to chicago


I am starting Washington in my main money league this week


I also am. Starting them


I bet on both sides and it ended badly for me this week. I started the Ravens D hoping for turnovers and also started Green. 24.9 pts from Green burn -2 from Ravens D… lol


Started Saquon last week against my Jags defense… 20 from Barley and 16 from Jags defense. Wilson could get sacked a half dozen times, throw 2 interception–1 being a pick 6, and throw 4 tds and over 300 yards. Just trying to throw a positive spin here…


I personally don’t like Washington’s D as an option this week. I know they are ranked high this week in the fantasy world but if you think about the amount of opportunities Indy will have on offense it’s alarming.

Indy’s D is bad… Skins expected to score a lot… where does that leave us? Leaves us with Indy pressing down the field and playing loose and easy trying to rally points. Just my opinion.


WHo would you start?


Ugh I was tilting towards benching them and then you come in here with positive spin! Dammit! Hahaha this thread encapsulates my dilemma perfectly. Because I can easily see what you’re saying, russ And chi dst are both fine but also what they’re saying where it just negates one another. If it wasn’t qb I wouldn’t care as much, like if I had Howard vs Seattle d I wouldn’t care I would start both. But with a qb vs a dst I feel is different, so much more impact on one another directly.


I would probably go with the Bears or Jets both games are the lowest scoring games of the week predicted by Vegas


Honestly start the Bears… in this case you shouldn’t be looking for another D in their place… you should be looking to stream a QB. Case Keenum or Tyrod Taylor would be better than Russ in my opinion


Jets D and set it.


I just couldn’t bring myself to say the Jets against my Dolphins. It’s been a rough 15 years for us.


Your best bet when hunting for a D is to look for games with wild QBs that should be forced to throw a lot. like Luck for example will put up points… but He’ll throw picks and get sacked plenty… picking a D for a projected low scoring game has a lot of risk of the other team breaking 2 lucky runs for 14 points but giving up 0 turnovers and 0 sacks… the only way Id go out of my way to avoid D and QB stacking is if your QB loses points for getting sacked… Im in a league like that and its garbage… but yeah in that scenario you have 0 upside… otherwise wilson can throw a pick 6 and give up 4 sacks, yet still put up 25 fantasy points lol. This is also dependent on DST scoring… if your D can lose a lot of points for giving up a lot then I’d avoid it… but basically the difference in most formats between 14 and 34 points allowed is negligible enough that picks and sacks make up for it.


I usually don’t like to contradict my players with dst, but here is my thoughts. I don’t think you want to drop Chicago (I think they are the surprise dst team this year) but I also don’t think Wilson vs them is a big deal
For scoring . Wilson won’t turn the ball over and will score so there are your qb points. But the chi dst will get their points from sacks! Seattle Gave up 6 last week, I bet Mack gets 3-4 by himself