If Keenan is out OBJ or Mike Williams

I know it’s normally start your studs, but if Keenan Allen is out and OBJ is back but doesn’t seem healthy do you go with Mike Williams instead? I’ll be traveling that day so i can’t monitor beyond 3pm Sat.

Same with me do I play mike or Doug Baldwin/Allen Robinson?

If OBJ plays I start him.

Gordon will be back so mike w wont be as targeted as last week i think.

  • its vs BAL

I’m not i would start OBJ, Colts have been number 1 vs the WR over the last 6 weeks. Also for Williams Ravens have been number 2 over the last six weeks so not great options at all. If Keenan plays, slot WR has the best matchup against Baltimore and Gordon will take the short area work if Keenan is out.

What are the other options available to you?

Last 6 weeks DST vs skill positions sheet if you are interest, i advise a review it’s changing my mind on a few players:

There’s not a lot of alternatives i have since i lost boyd. My lineup would be Rivers, OBJ, Hill, Gurley, Chubb, Mixon, Ebron, Chargers K, Chicago DST

No one like a Hamilton out there? If not then yeah i guess just go with Williams just temper expectations. Though the way things have been up and down the last couple of weeks he’ll probably go for 120 and 2 or something in a terrible matchup, such is the mood of the fantasy gods right now!

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I do have Hamilton i just don’t feel great with anyone in Denver. I kind of added him as a super emergency play.

That’s fair, and i totally see that i wouldn’t feel great about playing him either to be honest but he is a good swing for the fences play if your WR core falls apart i agree.

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Yeah. Basically I lost Watkins, then OBJ, then Boyd. Conley never worked out and Sutton didn’t. I cleared house this AM. So if OBJ is back i can run him but i need a plan b if he’s debatable. I guess i’ll probably go hamilton if the news comes in late on OBJ and I can’t play williams. I figured even with Gordon williams would be okay but only if keenan is out. If keenan is in, it’s not even a question.

Similar story here my friend, lost Allen and likely OBJ and by extension of Cam i also lost DJ Moore. Got lucky with waivers and grabbed Alshon, Anderson, Baker and Damien Williams this AM too.

I have Gordon as well, Mixon, Cook, Ware/Williams and Cohen (lost Jones) so had to do some reloading but feeling good now.

Really not sure how i feel on OBJ if he plays, i guess it could depend on how Gordon (and Allen if he plays) do on Saturday and if i’m up big or in a real hole like last week!

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I’m gonna wait to hear about his status in practice. They’ve been so conflicting because it sounds like he’s been almost good to go twice now, but then beckham has been like no it’s effed. I’m hoping it’s not a him playing hurt situation. If he’s hurt i want him sitting.

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Don’t think OBJ is gonna play.

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