If Lamar Jackson beats the chiefs, I just may go with through the playoffs. I have cam, but I feel like something is going to happen and he will be forced out of the game!

Tilting much?

Both Jackson and Cam have a high risk of exiting a game early because of how much they run. So, monitor Flacco; if he’s healthy and active, Jackson’s risk increases a bit. I also have Jackson and follow this thought-process:

  1. Play the better matchup
  2. If both matchups are equal and Flacco is out, play Jackson for floor and Cam for ceiling
  3. If both matchups are equal and Flacco is active, play Cam

Or just stay away from both if you can. Nothing like losing a game with a yanked QB. Especially in the playoffs.

Who would you look to then? Wire is thin. Keemun? Allen?

I would wait and see if Flacco is active. If so I think you really have to steer away. The matchup is saying they are going to have to chunk it.