If Melvin Plays, then

If Gordon is healthy, do you bench Jackson for Dixon? Or would you play dixon regardless?

I also have Josh Adams as a flexible player, but don’t trust Eagles to keep up with the Rams and Foles will probably be chucking all 2nd half.

The Chargers are going to be very cautious with Gordon this time around. While beating the Chiefs is huge for them, the playoffs are that much more important to them. So with that being said, if Gordon is out there then he is going to be pretty dang healthy and therefore Jackson takes a huge hit. If that is the case, I would play Dixon over Jackson.

If Gordon does not play (which I don’t think he will), then I would play Jackson over Dixon.

I don’t think I would play Adams over any of those guys at this point.

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Yeah that was my main thinking. But the chargers have given MG the benefit of the doubt multiple times this season and each time he has re-aggrevated his injury. So yeah im banking that the intel the chargers are releasing is more sound this time.

Could also be a tactic to make the chiefs think he is going to be g2g, and to develop a game plan to contain him.