If only....... I'll start

If only I had started the Steeler’s def. instead of the Ravens, I would have won the league championship.

Your turn… and go…

IF ONLY I had played PATS over Chiefs and Cousins over Alex Smith. AND…had benched Thielen, Rudolph and McKinnon!!! SMH…figure that one out!!! ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME???

I like it haha. If only my kicker weren’t the top scorer on my entire roster this week. Butker! Good pickup after losing Zuerlein anyway

WOW…Butker scored 16 in our PPR league. Damn buddy…you got hit hard apparently!!! Huge condolences from one FFB loser to another!!!

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At least I’m in a terrible week-17 league, so I’ll get to play one more time with leftover scraps haha

WOW…GOOD LUCK my friend. Hope you have a backup plan set up since most studs/pt makers won’t even step foot on the field next week if their team is locked in for the play offs!!!

I picked up Bell’s handcuff, and some of my other guys are still in the hunt I think

Well…you might still be sitting good!!! Keep us posted!!! Pulling for you my friend!!!:crossed_fingers:

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Ouch! That rots.

Honestly I had so many during this 2 week fantasy championship.

If only Wilson had one good game. If only the #1 jag defense didn’t get embarrassed by the 49ers who hadn’t score that many points since 2013. If only I didn’t sit Tyreek in week 16 and play Nelson. If only tyreeks TD counted this weekend. If only Antonio Brown didn’t get hurt. If only the stupid Jets didn’t give up a fumble at the end of their game playing the lateral. If only I didn’t start Kyle Rudolph week 16. If only Woods would have showed up this weekend. If only Lamar miller got a goal line touch last night. If only the Steelers kicked the field goal last week against the pats instead of throwing a pick. If only his ajayi didn’t score his first touchdown since week 9 last night against me.

So many things went against me over these two weeks it’s comical. I lost by 9 points

I feel your pain, I mentioned starting the Wash. Def, if Zeke and Bell had met their projections, I’d be good, If DeDe’s touchdown didn’t get called back… I lost by 8.6

If only I hadn’t dropped Alfred Morris right before the week 13 games, I wouldn’t have missed the playoffs by 5 points and I would have won the league championship…my team destroyed in consolation bracket at least

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Mines cheating cuz I still won but if I only played diggs instead of going with stats and playing Marvin Jones Jr in one league and woods in the other

Congrats anyhow! :slight_smile:

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Started Kirk over Dak & Crowder over Olsen