If this was YOUR lineup

Hello clans - If this was YOUR lineup, what all changes would you make? Leave it as it is or which players would you trade and acquire?

Play Lindsay/ Mixon over A. Jones
Sell high on Tate for a big upgrade at TE
Then play Golladay as my 3rd WR.


I wonder who would be a big upgrade for a TE for Tate…

Is this PPR or standard?

I’d play Mixon if he is going to play, I haven’t read about him yet. But def play him over Jones if he is out there.

I wouldn’t get rid of Tate or Golladay. I think Burton is a good TE to have and fine to settle on ROS. And McDonald is a good sub on his Bye this week.

If Mixon plays, I’d stick with Edelman in your Flex. and bench A Jones.

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Gronk, Ertz, Kelce, Kittle
If you could get either one of those it’s good.
Other than that you can stick with what you have and stream vance then play Burton ROS.

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This is a .5 PPR. I read an article that stated Lions are very bad on ground play and could favor a lot with Jones back in their running game…

I don’t think this is a good idea personally. Tate is great with Stafford. And Trey Burton shows promise and has been playing well already. I wouldn’t change anything and would be checking out waivers. Or seeing if you can acquire another elite type of player who scores touchdowns, you don’t have many TD scorers. But I wouldn’t mess with your best guys too much.

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So if you end up with Golladay then you have the #2 WR on a team favoring the run? That’s a worse outcome.

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Tate has been putting up big points for you. And he’s got Stafford and they have done this for 4 years. I just think you need somoene like Melvin Gordon ideally. I mean sure having Ertz woudl be great but I don’t see him having a ridiculously better season than Burton assuming Burton stays somewhat on this pace. If you can use the talented guys who are benched to get someone that can improve you more elsewhere, I feel it will make more of a difference for your team ROS.

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You could see what’s up with D Freeman. If you get him a little cheaper now he might end up being that TD scorer for you.

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LOL… Im playing against the Freeman owner this week :joy:

Trade Tate high right now for a Tight End. Maybe Tate for Kyle Rudolph and a solid WR3 like Quincy Enunwa or Nelson Agholor. Tate will put up 90/1000 but wont keep up his pace right now, especially TD’s. Rudolph is a real solid TE and gives you steady production there in a top offense. Golladay or Edelman slide into your WR spot and put up the same production, if not better than Tate.

So… the owner of the below lineup is RB thin and him and I were going back on forth on trade deals… eventually I suggested Aaron Jones for D. Baldwin… Thoughts?


Try to snag Kittle

He has Burton already. Rudolph is barely better than Burton. May end up worse if Bears keep clicking. Tate is a WR1 with Stafford, and you can use him for something more impactful imo. I just don’t see the urgent need to deal a proven WR1 with a great QB who knows him well to upgrade at TE…

With whom would you suggest he do that

Snag Kittle for?

i already said I would sell Tate high. Maybe Tate and A. Jones for Baldwin & Kittle

@fant_n00b1 highly suggest not doing that with tate. makes very little sense.

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I was thinking of offering Aaron Jones for Kittle