If Thomas doesn’t play, who to Start?

Standard league.
Who would you start?
S. Shepard
M. sanu
I also have any option to flex M Lynch. If I start these 3
A. Jeffery
D. Westbrook

I personally like either juju or sanu. But this is just a gut call. I don’t trust Shepard

I’d go Juju, but it’s a coin flip really. All have upside. But I just prefer playing players in later games for some reason - adds hope and excitement right through the gameweek!

I have Thomas too and don’t think it’s wise to trust him. Think he’ll play, but will be limited in game.

My replacement choice is Cooks or Martavis - who would you pick?

I think Martavis especially with Brown out.
If you had to would you pick Sanu or Shepard?