If you are a Melvin Gordon owner and don’t have the Rb depth, Ekeler is already owned, you are on the back end of waivers this week, who are you targeting?

I still have a chance to get in the playoffs!! I need to survive these two weeks!

I’m a Gordon owner i feel your pain, i have depth at RB and i’m going after Justin Jackson in case he’s shut down for the rest of the season or at least ‘fantasy season’ the latter is possible. My team is below. Who is on your wire now and whats your team?

QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Jones, Cohen,
WRs - OBJ, Green, Allen, Miller, Moore
TE - Ertz
K - Bailey (stream)
DST - Broncos / Jags / Titans (Platoon streaming)

I don’t hate Gus Edwards this week against ATL and in week 15 against TB, but you’ll probably want another option against the Chiefs next week. It’s tough out there and he’s still only about 50% owned, so you’ve got a chance to get him on waivers tomorrow.

I feel your pain, I’m dropping to 2nd place this week and have lost 2 of my last 3…

RB’s: Gordon (:disappointed_relieved:), Kerryon (:disappointed_relieved:), Mack (:disappointed_relieved:), J. Howard (:nauseated_face:)

This is my only league with waivers (reverse standings each week) so I have struggled to pick up any worthwhile RB all season. Going after Blount and J. Jackson and hoping to get 1.

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I have kamara and Chubb and that’s it

I may go after gore or one of the indi backs depending on those guys status I’m number 11 of waivers this week so not counting on him. I’m currently in 3rd and can keep my place if I win these two weeks! I got the most points so I’m ok there. I just need to survive and pray Gordon comes back for fantasy playoffs!!!

Hines would be interesting if Mack is out at all or Gore if you are desperate

I like playing with 3 rb’s Chubb gonna have te be my #2 : / , ima go Hines if Mack doesn’t go


Yea I have gorden too. I have Chubb so that’s a help but my other is James Conner who has been a let down. I also have Cohan and his Edwards.

Lindsay or ekeler ROS??

Lindsay > Ekeler. Ekeler looks likely to split with J.Jackson.


Thank you @stickspicks

Gordon owner here in a similar situation. Despite some acceptable depth, i am still looking to grab either N.HINES (w/ the oft-injured M.Mack now in concussion protocol) or J.JACKSON as an end-of-the-bench stash to see how the likely committee with Ekeler works out.

Else, check waivers for J.Adams and maybe E.McGuire?

It’s standard or I’d go McGuire!!! I know someone will snatch up Jackson to block me from getting him, I hope Hines will land in my lap for the time being! I have kamara and Chubb, I just like to play 3 strong backs. I gotta survive two weeks to get in the dance, our leagues records are all close so it’s gonna be tight going in

Josh adams or Ekeler till MG comes back?

Don’t forget to see if Yeldon got dropped. Fournette will probably be suspended for at least a game and possibly more.

I like adams as rising right now, but Philly is so volatile that i’d have to be in a really tight situation (which i actually am) to take him.