If you aren't picking a TE in the draft, who are you going to get?

Austin Hooper.

I’m just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on him this year. If everyone is projecting Matt Ryan to return to MVP form and the fact that they play 13 games in a dome… he’s the best late round flier and I feel like people are forgetting about him.

I don’t really expect much beyond streamer from Hooper. I think Atlanta won’t be playing catch up quite as often. After guys Like Jared Cook are off the board it’s tough to get any kind of reliability at TE so maybe not the worst pick but not one I’d feel comfortable with every week

If I don’t aim for a top TE, I’m probably going for an oldy but a goody. I’m looking at people like Jordan Reed, Delanie Walker, even Greg Olson. Reed and Walker probably get a decent enough amount of targets and Greg Olson has the long standing relationship with Cam. Their basically drafted in the last round, so opportunity cost is as low as it could be.

I’m also considering Waller from OAK.