If you can still trade for Kamara, do you?

Have a league-mate who’s got Brees and Kamara - so he’s obviously got a problem. I have Goff, who I’m not playing b/c Tom F***ing Brady. I’d like to shore up my RBs - thinking about offering King Goffrey straight up for Kamara. I think he’s the least likely to be affected by the move to Teddy Bridgewater and I want to strike quick while this guy is tilting.

I would do that in a heartbeat. Value of kamara even if Brees never comes back (which he will) is far beyond that of goff.

Hahah if this guy accepts Goff for Kamara he has something wrong with him. Kamara will still be a top 6 RB

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I can’t disagree with either of these assessments - he’s just tilting hard and I gotta take my shot.

Heck ya. Gotta jump on the tilters! Good luck, feel free to ask questions anytime @fiends247