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If you had #1pick?


PPR format who would you pick , keeper league 12 team , 1/2 point …GO?


David Johnson


David Johnson or Le’Veon Bell. I think either is a solid #1.


For me, it’s David Johnson, simply due to the fact that he totally runs his offense, whereas Bell is one piece of a three headed monster. Going Bell is completely understandable, but for my money it’s David Johnson.


pick 1 please


I think Bell is the best RB in the league but his injuries bother me so I’d pick DJ first overall


Lev Bell. He would have led in almost every statistical category for running backs in 2016 if he hadn’t missed the first three games due to suspension. So if it were me picking, it’s Bell.


DJ and Bell will finish similarly without injury. DJ has less risk, so DJ.


I believe Bell is THE BEST non-QB player in the NFL.

DJ is a freaking beast as well and the volume he is going to get (30 touches/game accoridng to Arians) is ridiculous.

Those are my 2 options, and I believe every RB has the risk of going down anyway. Just becuase it’s a little more clear who the backup is, I’d go Le’Veon and target Conner in late rounds.


If there’s even a chance he reaches his goal of 1,000 receiving yards this year, ♫David Johnson♫.

The tougher question… is if you’re stuck with the #1 pick, who are you realistically hoping to get at picks #24 & #25??


DT or Hopkins / Miller or Gurlieman or Crowbar


good question, that is a long wait !


Who is DT?


Demariyus Thomas


lol oh yeah


6 one way half a dozen another. Just take the guy that gives you more warm fuzzy feelings :smiley: