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If you had to choose one?


Half Point PPR who would you want on your team out of these 4… You can only choose one

  • Melvin Gordon
  • Devonte Freeman
  • Antonio Brown
  • Mike Evans

You can only choose one… Who is it?


Antonio brown definetly, I like the consistency, and he is time and time again the best WR in the league


All good players, only one on this list that transcends the game. Antonio brown. If it’s a keeper I consider Evan’s over brown though.


Antonio Brown for sure. It’s almost like who would you want to pick first in the first round of a draft? I would first pick AB before the rest.


At the risk of sounding redundant…have to go with AB here. How can you NOT as long as he’s got his buddy Big Ben at the helm???


I agree with all of you… THis is an argument we had at a Bar table today lol… Ive been showing them the posts you guys made to prove my point

Thanks Footclan


LOL. Happy to help Dingus buddy.


I can see an argument for Gordon, but I’m going to side with the rest, Brown is just in a different class here


OMG. Was gonna mention Gordon as my only exception…but with his knee messed up wasn’t sure what the projection was for him. He was one of my #1 draft choices. So big time on him. BUT…like with soooo many other big time point getters…already…2 weeks in…???