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If you HAD to pick 1!


The third round is so freakin weird!! i really have no idea who to take at 3.11 in my ppr redraft league.

If you had to chose 1 would you take brady or reed at 3.11.

I have DJ at 1.01 and Mike Evans as a keeper already.
Plan to take wrs at 4/5 turn (crab, pryor, fitz, edelman, tate combo)
then take rbs at my 6/7 turn. but besides the point.

If they are both there at 3.11 whos your pick


I would honestly pass on both, but if I had to take 1 I would probably take Reed. … but Brady is probably safer.


This is going to be heavily dependant on whose there (and you shouldn’t commit to any position at any pick until your on the clock) but for arguments sake:

Kelce: If you do follow your strategy, taking Kelce here would be good value. He’s going a little higher than 3.11 but its not a stretch.

Crowell, Fournette, Miller, Mixon (in this order): Good RB2s in my opinion. Crow and Miller are relatively known quantities and should be getting volume, Fournette and Mixon have great talent and upside.

Hopkins, Jeffery, ARob (in this order): Hopkins would be crazy good value here. Jeffery and ARob are nice too.

Kelce would be my first choice, followed by: Hopkins, Crow, Fournette, Jeffery, ARob, Miller, Mixon.


yeah its tough to explain every detail of my league so thats why i just wanted to touch on this subject.

Kelce is a keeper in my league so hes not on the board. And i would only take reed/brady if those backs you said arent on the board which i dont think will be with the keepers that are being kept. It will be close but im hoping for.

But yeah im not locked in to the pick i just see myself struggling between these two in a few of my mocks based on my league.

Thanks for the input fellas!


I totally agree with Harpersdad. Pass on both, but Reed would be more of a difference maker with baked in risk. Position scarcity is a problem with TE’s, and nabbing a guy that falls in the draft is easier when so many QB’s are fantasy relevant. I would wait until the fourth to take Reed, though…and stay fluid while looking for value. Mock drafting is only useful if you develop the fluidity to recognize value, and that is why tier based drafting is a great platform to recognize that value.