If you have an IR spot that's empty, who should you pick up and stash?

I just realized I have an IR spot in a keeper League. I’m in my car traveling but was wondering who I should look at first to see if I can snag them. If you look at my post from about 30 minutes ago you can see my roster. Sorry.

EDIT: Roster

Also, I’ve been trying to sort by injured players, but I don’t seem to be able to. Anyone else know how you might do that?

not sure of too many injured players that are set to come back this year, but one i’m personally stashing is d’onta foreman.

Lamar millar has been average at best this year, so i think if/when D’onta returns there’s a solid chance that at the very least he turns it into a committee, if not overtaking the job by the years end.

D’onta was on the PUP list to start the year (min 6 weeks out) so he was eligibile to return as early as last week, haven’t heard any news yet. Pretty sure the Texans only have a little longer to decide to clear a roster space for him or not.

either way, you’re not going to get a ton of use out of an IR slot for players set to return this year, at this point in the season

Right, but in a keeper League is there anyone I should look at it for keeping through to next year?