If you were a Bell owner

WOuld you accept James Conner and Will Fuller for Tyreek Hill?

Not a chance

That’s way to much of a low ball

Personally no, but it depends on your other WR’s. I’d still push for more than fuller, but i get the allure. I had a season where the ballers convinced me to take Jamaal Charles in round 2 since they labled him as a top 5 back. he never came back, i never got spencer ware, my season was trash.


I’d counter for something to get Conner, but wouldn’t give up Hill.

Hills a bonafide WR1, Fuller is a boom or bust WR2 (and I really like him this year). I just think you’d be giving too much to secure a handcuff and this guys trying to lowball you.

I am a Bell owner and I would not. I don’t think Conner will be anything much this year unless Bell goes down for a while. Fuller is just a throw in.