Illegal lineup?

So the league I’m in doesnt really any rules about illegal lineups. So the question is are illegal lineups just an unwritten law?
The team I’m playing this week doesnt have a kicker in the lineup and he just did it so he can carry an extra player on his bench.

I’m noticing that more and more as well and teams playing each other both will not use a kicker. It’s there disadvantage in the end of your playing them and there not using one. They can get a decent number of points

Right. But kickers can also produce negative points, rarely but they can. And not having kicker to get an extra bench spot which normally isnt there isnt right and that’s what I have the problem with. If your only supposed to have 6 bench spots then you only get 6 not 7 by pulling a player that’s supposed to be on your starting roster

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I see it as just being a strategy. Like was said above, it’s more a disadvantage than anything else. There’s nothing that really says that you have to play a kicker. Some avoid DSTs for the same reason. I personally play kickers as they have won me weeks before not according to this

That’s an ESPN writer stating his opinion 10 years ago. I think what you’re talking about isn’t that uncommon. It would have to be stated clearly in your league rules / settings to prohibit it. And it would have to state consequences for doing what you’re talking about in case someone violates that “rule”.

League settings say 7 bench spots. So is that not violating that setting/rule. If said person has 8 players on their bench?

That’s opinionated from an analyst though. Ultimately it’s up to your commissioner. If you have an issue with it I’d bring it up and have a league vote for sure. That’s really the way those issues should be settled unless the commish drops the hammer and just says do it this way or that.

Yeah well Unfortunately my commish is my 17yo younger brother and co commish is my dad which is the one violating the settings. So I feel like it’s not going they way I hope for.

Yeah unless the commish has stated this before the season started and the rest of the league agrees, I think this is totally a valid strategic move

So you can just violate the league settings and it’s okay? @Jackattack501

Even if league settings say 7 bench spots, it would need to specify 7 bench spots filled during games IMO. When you drop a player without picking one up, or when a 2-1 trade goes through and you don’t immediately fill the spot, you’d be temporarily violating the settings.

If you wanted the commissioner to force the player to play someone in the spot by retroactively assigning points, it would be really controversial what point value to assign so that would need to be spelled out beforehand.

Im doing this right now in a league where I am 5-1 and 8 of 12 teams make the playoffs. I dont see anything wrong with it. If I want to leave my kicker open and add a player that may have upside I pay the price or get the reward. Anyone is free to do the same.

I agree. If the league allows you to do it, I think it’s fine. Some leagues have limits for specific positions such as only allowing a team to have 5 rbs.
I don’t see this as violating the rules. I think two teams agreeing to do this to each get another bench slot when they play eachtother sounds a lil bit sus however. That could be considered collusion.

I would agree that two teams suddenly doing this when they play each other is suspicious and does seeme like collusion, in my case I have done this twice and am doing it this week too. If my opponent did it this week it would be fine right because I had already been doin it before.

I’m with the opinion that if you want to not play a position and lose the potential points, that’s your prerogative. As long as it’s not stated that you can’t in the league rules, it is what it is. Having an extra bench spot has advantages, but it’s not like you score points for players on the pine.