Illegal Waiver Add? Help!

I am Commish in my Yahoo league. Yahoo sent multiple emails saying waivers would roll Friday instead of Wednesday this week so I informed my league multiple times and told them not to put in their claims. Someone dropped the Baltimore D before the Philly game I guess cuz they didn’t want to risk it and hold 2 D’s. For some reason, a manager was able to add the Baltimore D overnight Tuesday night like a normal waiver claim, but I’m not sure why this was able to work.

Do I reverse the claim and open it back up to everyone for the usual Thursday night waivers?

I’d vote yes. They should be on waivers thru the full week like everyone else. This seems like a Yahoo bug

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It worked because Baltimore hadn’t played yet. I think it makes sense, but it also could have been a bug. Regardless, the FFballers discord opinion was that I should let it stand so that’s what I did. Everyone in my league agreed so that’s the important part! Thanks for the input

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