I'm 0-2...trust my team or do some aggressive trades? What RB value can you get for Julio in .5 ppr?

It’s a 12 team .5 ppr, FAAB Yahoo league. Someone bid 41% FAAB on Cohen, and 17% on JJ Nelson just to give you an idea on how competitive waivers are. It’s my first FAAB league and I’m getting a little worried without having a really solid RB1. What kind of trades are you seeing with Julio out there? Thanks!

Would help to see your bench, but you’re right. You’re weak at RB. Just not enough consistency there. Cooks so far has looked great but will also struggle with consistency week to week. I’d look to move maybe a WR and RB for an upgrade at RB but your bench depth is what will determine how much you can pay for an upgrade.

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Click on the photo to expand it, and the rest of the lineup will appear.

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Thanks! Ok, sorry, if you click the pic it will expand to see the whole thing, but just in case…

We play 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, and 2W/RB/TE flex. 5 bench. edit: and 1 IR

Ben Roethlisberger Pit - QB

Brandin Cooks NE - WR
Julio Jones Atl - WR

Marshawn Lynch Oak - RB
Mark Ingram NO - RB

Charles Clay Buf - TE

Martavis Bryant Pit - WR
Sammy Watkins LAR - WR

Giorgio Tavecchio Oak - K

Carolina Car - DEF


Terrance West Bal - RB
Matthew Stafford Det - QB
Frank Gore Ind - RB
Jonathan Stewart Car - RB
Mike Tolbert Buf - RB

Oops! OK you’ve got a TON Of mediocre RB’s on your bench. It makes it hard to decide who to play week in and week out. Definitely look for someone that might be lacking on depth, start talking up your guys. Look to move 2 for 1 for an upgrade for sure. You need consistency at this point. Try to use some of your depth instead of your studs if you can. If you aren’t getting any nibbles on a trade then look to move Cooks with another guy if possible. Always start low on the trade offers and work from there. Good luck!


Thanks! Yeah my draft went way different than I had planned or practiced and RBs got snatched up. That’s a good idea, I’ll try to move 2 or 3 RBs for a good consistent RB from someone who needs some depth.

I would definitely try and buy low on some of the upper RB’s, Leveon Bell, Demarco Murray, etc…
Start with some low ball offers and try to work up from there.

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Thanks, I just offered T West and Ingram for Demarco. Doubt it will go through but they’re 0-2, maybe on tilt for Demarco.