Im 0-3, who should I trade away to get a win?

$250 buy in. $2,250 1st place prize. I need to make playoffs.

12 team league, standard 6pt QB. bye weeks are next to each player.

I’m waiver priority 2. Thinking of getting Wayne Gallaman RB Giants and drop C. Thompson. Not sure what else is worth dropping, thinking of dropping D. Carr and then by week 11 get whatever QB is left even though I do like G.Minshew week 11 vs Colts. What do you guys think?

(11)QB- R. Willson
(7)RB- N. Chubb
(12)RB- D. Johnson
(10)WR- J. Edelman his good for week 4
(9)WR- R. Woods
(4)TE- G. Kittle - a bit concerned
(8)FLEX- Mark Andrew - foot no longer an issue.
(10)K. J. Elliot
(8)DEF- Ravens

(8)WR-M. Gullup gone for 2-4 weeks
(12)WR- Mike Williams
(4)RB- Tevin Coleman- might come back after bye week
(6)RB- T. Singletary - gone for 2-4 weeks
(10)RB- C. Thompson
(6)QB- Derrick Carr


There is no reason to carry Derek Carr in a single QB league. You already have Wilson.

Wouldn’t really burn 2nd waiver on W Gallman. Would rather have Thompson over him.


You appear to need a healthy WR. Which WR are available this week?

Okay, I will hold off. I guess I will drop him week 5 if there is a something good to get by then. Barkley is out for 4 to 8 weeks that’s for sure. Thought Gallaman would be it. Maybe use him for a trade to the Barkley owner.

That’s available right now.

Curtis Samuel and now Phillip Dorsett should be owned. I like Preston Williams or Parker as an end of roster flyer for bye weeks/good match ups.

Keep in mind that Dorsett is not good for me as I already have Edelman. Now… Curtis Samuel… I can drop Carr for Him. Question is, is he worth wasting Waiver Priority 2 for? Hmmmm let’s see if you and @MikeMeUpp agree on that.

Nothing wrong with having two Patriot WRs.

I honestly don’t know how to deal with Waiver Priority. All my leagues are FAAB. If you make any claim at all… a DST, does that consume your priority?

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If I use priority 2, I will go back in line to waiver priority 12. People have to use their priorities for me to get close to waiver priority 2 or 1 again. Some people dont pick waivers every week until something tragic happens and pick up someone really good with their priority 1 or 2. Right now I’m in a good position, just have to evaluate the player being worth using priority 2. If the value is there.

Let me pose a scenario:
You have priority 2.
Team B has priority 5.
Team C has priority 10.

You claim the Chargers DST (vs Dolphins).

The other teams both put in a claims on Wayne Gallman.

Does your waiver priority still get “used”? Even thought it’s not challenged?

Hopefully this isn’t a stupid question :nerd_face:

Yes, my priority will be used just to get the defense. Its okay it’s something new for you.

Never burn priority on defenses. wait for waivers to pass and get whoever is available then.

CSam is worth an own.

I’d personally pass on Dorsett.

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Then good, I will use my priority 2 on C.Samuel and drop D. Carr. Thanks. @MikeMeUpp Mike