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I'm 2-3, what should I do? HELP!


My team -
QB: Stafford, Luck
RB: White, Allen, Ellington, Montgomery, Shady, and Lacy
WR: Dez, Parker, DT, Cooper, and Humphries
TE: Walker
D/ST: Stream
K: Gano

.5 PPR


You’re doing allright. Luck will be returning, and Cooper will return to form with Carr’s impending return. Just be aggressive on the waivers. Marlon Mack will likely be on waivers, and he’s going to have a big role from now on word is, a good stash I think.
What I would think about doing, since it’s a .5 PPR league is package for a RB upgrade. White and or Ellington with another player. Maybe buy someone low.


Thanks man for the help. First time I have ever posted on the forum, and got a quick reply. Who do you like more ROS, Ajayi or Murray? Murray owner is 0-5 now, and Ajayi is 2-3 too. Would Hyde be a good player to target? The Hyde owner is 2-3.


Out of those I would go with Ajayi. I don’t know how I feel about Murray, and his age. And they may be using a hot hand approach in San Francisco.
And with posting if you don’t get a response in a while. Bump you’re post so it moves up to the top of the list so people will see it. Otherwise it will get buried and unnoticed.