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I'm 2-3, what should I do? Who should I trade. HELP PLEASE


My team -
QB: Stafford, Luck
RB: White, Allen, Ellington, Montgomery, Shady, and Lacy
WR: Dez, Parker, DT, Cooper, and Humphries
TE: Walker
D/ST: Stream
K: Gano

.5 PPR


You need help at QB and maybe RB… Murray and Montgomery are both good but Ty is banged up and Murray has been under performing all but 1 week.

You good at WR.

Id look to Package 2 of these 3 for a better QB (white, allen and lacy) not sure if you will get much.

Also could package Cooper and someone else to upgrade for a RB with upside like kamara…


I would sit tight.
Your team looks good. Montgomery and shady are great starters
Dez and parker/cooper are good wr (cooper will bust out this week)
Ellington is a great flex
you could try to get a better qb off waivers. stream matchups or try to trade for one.