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I'm 2-4, should I hit the panic button? PLEASE HELP league is worth $1500


I’m quite surprised my team is 2-4, honestly. I thought I had a good team on paper for a .5 PPR team… Should I panic? Roster below!
qb: Stafford, and Luck
RB: DeMarco, Shady, A. Ellington, Buck Allen, and Perine
WR: Kearse, Dez, Amari, Parker, and Mike Williams
TE: Walker
D/ST: Stream
K: Matt Bryant


How many teams are there? What are your options on the waiver? Not a bad team but a lot of those dudes aren’t and haven’t been performing.


This is a 12 team league.


Yea you have a lot of the underperforming players… Honestly, unless you can get a good trade I would stick it out and try to make playoffs hoping that your players come back to form.


Dude i don’t wan’t you to lose You’re RB game needs to really get upgraded and try to get a better QB


Who would be a running back to target?


that’s the issue. in my leagues top RBs aren’t getting moved. Specifically in the leagues i’m doing well in i’m riding success thanks to great RB play and average WR play. The ppl who went top WRs are struggling in my leagues.


Well I did make some trades but my first 3 picks were Shady, Cooper, then DT but I traded him. This is the first time I’ve been under .500 in a while too.


You can definitely still recover from a 2-4 start, we’re only a little over a quarter of the way through the season. “Hitting the panic button” won’t do you any good, the only thing you can do is constantly be checked the waiver wire. If a player gets hurt, you have to be the first one to pounce and pick up the backup and etc. Good luck man