I'm 2nd place, he is 1st place...I NEED to win this week

I’m sitting in 2nd place of my 10-team league at 6-4 after a terrible loss this past weekend. My next matchup is against the guy in 1st place at 8-2. If I lose again this week (which seems likely), I’ll be at 6-5 and there’s a few of us fighting in the top 5 for the 4 playoff spots. I can’t afford to take any more losses going forward. My issue…

He has a monster lineup of Brees, MT, Julio, Tate, AP, Connor, Ertz, MVS, Lutz(K), and Carolina’s Def.

Here is what I have…how do you think I can maximise my fantasy output this upcoming week?

Your lineup is pretty solid the only thing I’d consider is Moncrief over Sanu but it’s close

yeah considering Moncrief is playing against the Steelers, and hopefully Joe Haden is on Dede Westbrook which would open up Moncrief a bit.

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If you are projected to lose I would look at switching out Sanu who has a low ceiling, with someone like Moncrief who has a high ceiling. But fair warning Moncrief could also goose ya

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Instead of Sanu I’d play Reynolds.

I think I’m going to have to go with Moncrief, I need that potential upside of him to help me win out this week.

both Sanu and Reynolds are average decent floor receivers but I need someone with a highest ceiling this weekend as my WR3 to get my desperate points

I honestly think Reynolds has a high ceiling this week. He could be a good play.

I think Reynolds would be a good play. You want a piece of the high O/U.
I’m also 6-4 in a 10 man league going against one of the tough opponents.
I’m looking at as my starters:

QB: Ryan
RB: Kamara, Gordon
WR: OBJ, Allen, Cooks
TE: Howard

May luck shine on both of us this week!

agrre with getting out sanu above put i would put in kerryon over mack for ceiling my opinion

God yeah, I haven’t even really began to think about my RBs…I know for sure I want Aaron Jones in and DJ against Oakland. I was hoping Mack could build off his big week coming back but I also have to consider Tevin and Kerryon…


Two important decisions…

WR3: Moncrief / Reynolds
RB Flex: Mack / Kerryon / Coleman

after last week seeing what kerryon got i mean its huge i have jones and dj as well so its game on if ur going for victory go for high upside and go big play and for fun

I think your team can stack up fine vs his. I’m probably starting KJ over Marlon Mack just given Titans run D is actually rock solid.

Hayden is def going to matchup vs Moncrief most of the time. DeDe doesn’t run outside much and Hayden doesn’t cover the slot.

Could also make an argument for Reynolds over Sanu but honestly think playing Sanu is just fine. He’s likely to land you that solid 8 point floor with 15 point upside if he scores a TD. And given how good DAL pass rush is, Ryan going to be looking to dump things off faster which favors sanu over JJ/Ridley.

Be careful falling into the trap of seeing an opponents “monster” lineup and forcing yourself to take a bunch of unecessary risks like playing moncrief. Your roster is super solid and i’d trust it. Nothing hurts more swinging for the fences and you end up losing by like 5 points cause you chose to play a high risk player who lays you a goose.

I just worry because Kerryon is so up and down with his production depending on game script / matchups. What’s Carolina’s Run Defense like? Because against Chicago and Minnesota he really struggled.

Fair points, I think I am going to go with Josh Reynolds against the Chiefs, it’s expected to be a high scoring affair and I know he played well in Kupp’s previous absence. I feel like Sanu is extremely TD dependent so not a fan this week against Dallas.

Yeah very good point, I guess just seeing the match up against a dude who is on a 3 week winning streak with the players he’s got, I got worried. Just gotta trust in my guys and hope they perform!

Well at that tier of rb of KJ/Mack, that’s the risk you run, they are both up and down. Look at last game where Indy put up near 30 points and mack gave you <6 points in half ppr. Everyone has ups and downs. And although KJ had a rough time vs chicago, his goal line work is promising. Also can rely on that garbage time.

Carolina’s Def as a whole is super leaky, particularly their pass D. Their run D is middle of the road. Not horrible but beatable. Panthers games have been much higher scoring affairs which is the only reason i lean KJ. But if you prefer mack, wouldn’t fight you. Just a matter of preference.

And I’d say Reynolds is also TD dependent. In Kupps absence, although he’s been okay for a rookie, I’d say he’s been far from consistent. If you go back to his games and look at his points scored without TDs, I think its actually much worse than Sanu. But because it should be a high scoring affair, he does present some upside. Other thing to consider is even though KC has a bad D, defending slot receivers is something they are actually pretty good at. If you go look at the slot receivers who played against KC, aside from Keenan Allen in week 1, most have been held in check. They haven’t faced an offense like the rams yet though.

Bringing up Allen, who would you guys rather have ROS? Allen or Juju? Both playoff schedules look good.

Fair points, I’ll run with KJ this week then. I guess his goalline work is what might make the difference here.

For some reason in my head I remember seeing Reynolds stats much higher than what they actually are, maybe a false sense on my part. Looking back he hasn’t really had much production, he had the one game where he scored 2 TDs against the Packers but in total he only had 40yds on 3 receptions. The positive out of that is in that loaded offense he still got 5 targets in that game. I guess he would be a 5-6 target type of WR each game at best, so he would be pretty TD dependent you’re right. I’m just hoping that the high score predictions this week will help his chances at getting more TDs/looks…

Mack is the goal line guy in indy too so you don’t lose out there. And he doesn’t have to split with a fat blount. My point was just that there will probably be more opportunities. But like I said, in fantasy, go with your gut. Just play the line up you feel best with when its a coin flip like this. I have KJ in my own line ups but as we both know, i’ve been wrong plenty.

And yeah on reynolds, its funny how we develop these narratives in our minds based on what we see. I thought he did fine too but after I went back and looked at his numbers, it was actually pretty atrocious. He averaged like 27 air yards a game. Which is awful. I think in Kupps absence, they just lean more heavily on Cooks/Woods/Gurley.

Just looked at the tweet Jason put out today about defensive rankings in the last 6 weeks and Titans are #1 against RBs like Zeke, Melvin Gordon, Shady. Carolina are 6th after facing Barkley, AP and James Connor.

I am pretty 50/50 on Mack and KJ, but I think that defensive statistic sways me to play KJ against Carolina instead of Mack against Ten.

I’m currently in a similar situation as you and stuck looking at Boyd or Mack as my flex and don’t like either for their matchups. Benching both.