I'm 3-5 with the best RB's ever... Give me some advice!

So gang… I’m sitting at 3-5, two games back on the leader in my division in a 10 team full point PPR league. I’ve had Lenny Fournette and Lev Bell on my bench for the whole season… and oh yeah, I have Kamara, Chubb, Brieda, and Yeldon on my team as well. Wide outs are Cooks, Cooper, Goodwin, and Mike Williams.

I need to win and win now. So my question is do I trade Lev or Fournette to one of the top teams in the league to potentially get a top 10 receiver, or do I just continue my hold out and hope that I can snake out a win this week, and potentially have the greatest RB core a fantasy has ever seen from week 10 on…

Any Advice, thoughts, and/or prayers are all greatly appreciated

I’d move bell. When he comes back they will not give him 90% of the carries. Connor has earned his spot pulse bell will likely come back and miss two extra weeks. So move him now for whatever you can.


Yes moving Bell would be the right thing. Start asking high see what you can get. I look @ your team and it lacks floor scoring and consistency.

RB1 Kamara
RB2 you are playing the matchup
WR1 Cooks
WR2 playing the matchup
Flex - playing matchup

yuo need consistency at your WR2 or RB2 so your base scoring keeps you in game.

So moving Bell may be good here to bolster RB2 or WR2

Also, you didn’t say who you have at QB or TE. Look at your roster construction and try to improve you positions


QB is Brees, TE is Burton. Could potentially target Cam, but I’ll shop Lev around for sure.

If you can get Cam get him. He adds a boom to your team.