I'm 5 pts from being 3-0 and my team absolutely stinks

I have Diggs, Conner, Sony and have somehow managed a 2-1 record in spite of having one of the bottom three point outputs 2 of the 3 weeks. I won’t be able to keep lucking my way into wins.

What would you do?

QB-J Allen
RB-Chubb, Sony, Conner, Breida, Mattison
WR-Diggs, J Gordon, D Jax, Chark, Deebo, McClarin (dropped DeDe)
TE-Kelce, Waller (haven’t used yet)
D-TN (streaming)

I think I almost have to kill any flexibility I have right now and shove Kelce in the flex in order to get Waller into the lineup. (It’s hard to trade in our league sometimes) Even though I hate to do it, Kelce performs like a top 10 WR and is going to be a lot more predictable than Conner or Sony right now.

Who would you target?

Who would you drop?

see if you can trade waller and conner for a top rb