I'm about to trade Hilton for Hogan

I don’t need to play hilton and I can certainly wait a few weeks for hogan - I nees him for the playoffs though.

What do you guys think?

Honestly, that might be a lateral move, but if one of them is going to be consistent, I’d say it’s probably Hogan.

I like hogan a lot but he’s cooled off quite a bit since the start of season. I think I’d still rather have him than Hilton though.

If you’re team is really solid, put TY in your flex, close your eyes and pray. If your team is not that solid probably go Hogan.

Not really. The targets and catches have been there, aside from week 6. It’s just the TDs that haven’t been, and it’s impossible to predict TDs.

Hahaha I love that strategy - definitely saved me last week.

My team is solid except for this one position at wr2. I have dak, bell, mccoy, ertz, m thomas, Martin, and olsen for good starters.

I’m just super worried about hilton’s playoff schedule. It can’t be that hard to shut down one guy. Denver and baltimore would be the teams to do it.

Thanks guys

hah thanks, TY is in 3 of my leagues and I’m losing my mind. I’ve sat him 2 out of the 3 games he went off.

Fun stats though:
Chris Hogan Targets = 54
Chris Hogan Receptions = 33
Ty Hilton Targets = 64
Ty Hilton Receptions = 34

So yeah I feel you DFWB, TY will probably get 1 or two more targets based on stats. Also based on those stats though, he’ll drop the extra targets/get over thrown cause his QB sucks.

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Those numbers are also somewhat misleading because Hogan missed a game, has had his bye and the game plan was thrown out in game during week 1 due to injuries.

Fun fact: Chris Hogan went to my high school

@aucordov @DFWB

If you guys don’t mind me asking, would you prefer tate over Hogan in ppr?


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I already cut Hilton. Kept sitting him on the blow up weeks and his bad playoff schedule finally did it for me. Actually dropped him just last week soooo. Would totally rather have a Hogan for playoffs. Between schedule and a high caliber QB.