I'm being forced to get an earring if i lose! PLEASE HELP lol

my RB’s are Gordon, A.collins, Hunt, Coleman, Darkwa,

my WR’s are Brown, Marvin Jones,

I need to know which 3 RB’s I’m starting in RB1, RB2 and flex…

if I lose this week, I’ve got to get a dangling cross earring like OBJ at our end of season party lol

Gordon is obviously getting the start but I’m having trouble with the other 2

standard scoring

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Freeman should be back this week so Coleman is out.

I would go Darkwa for sure. Collins or Hunt is tough. I still lean toward Hunt.

I’m thinking Gordon for sure

then Collins has pretty much solidified that he’s going to be the feat back and get plenty of carries. probably around 20 give or take. against a beatable lions run defense

I think the giants are too shaky to trust Darkwa. especially if they’re going to be experimenting and seeing what they have in their other runners. the pass game isn’t really a threat so they’ll be shutting down the run I think.

Hunt, has proven he can do it. he’s also proven that if he doesn’t get the carries, he will let me down. but I think he’s my "swing for the fences " player I’m going to plug into my flex and hope he returns to form against a favorable jets matchup.

Coleman is my favorite but the matchup is not favorable and with the reactivation of freeman, I don’t see the odds being in my favor splitting carries against the Vikings.