Im Burton Tilted

I have Burton, should I try and trade Keelan Cole + Peyton Barber for Engram and keep Burton benched until a breakout? The Engram owner needs WRs.
Or should I try and pick up Ebron off waivers as a backup TE? Whats the play here?

Thanks for the help!

I personally wouldnt. Cole has looked good and you can stream the position if needed. Burton plays Arizona this weekend. Id hold off

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He’s still getting good targets, and will always have an edge in the redzone. I have him too and it’s frustrating but I think better days are ahead. Hang tight.

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I’m buying as many shares of Ebron as I can find. I felt good going into the season and after 2 weeks i’m sold.

Jack Doyle had 59 snaps in Week 2, Ebron had 17…I think Ebron is flukey. Doyle still getting the TE1 snaps