I'm confused (0-5 and needing help)

I’ve got this team in a Yahoo league that has somehow reached 0-5, I’m mostly looking for some reassurance that this team has some potential. Three of the losses have been by 10 points or less, the other two may be well deserved, either way. 0 - 5…

Here is my squad - its a QB - 2 RB - 3 WR - TE - D - K standard league with 10 teams

QB - Watson & Mariota
RB - Demarco Murray
RB2- Christian McCaffrey
WR1- Mike Evans
WR2- D. Thomas
WR3-6 -M. Lee, Marv Jones, Golden Tate, Kearse, R. Matthews
TE - Clay & ASJ

Probably worth noting that I had Olsen @ TE at the beginning and also drafted McFadden because it was Pre-unsuspension of Zeke

Other than alarmingly not having a backup RB - is this team that bad?

Great WR core. I would package a couple guys, you have plenty of WR’s so you can try to get another good RB. Try to find a team that has plenty of RB’s but needs help in the WR department. And send offers, and talk to that person.
Be aggressive on the waiver wire for RB’s as well. You have time to turn this around still.


This is a pretty good team! I agree with Ryan. See what’s available on your waiver wire. Don’t rule out a package deal with Murray and some WRs to acquire a better RB1. Just make sure you’re the one giving multiple players, always be the team receiving the best player.

1-5 let’s go!


A couple of points:

-yeah alarmingly no backup rb is right. You don’t need 2 tes and you don’t need 7 wrs. Clay is expendable now that you have ASJ and you should probably be dropping 2 of your wrs in favour of rb depth. Lee and Kearse are my picks. There’s been an absolute plethora of waiver rb options in the last few weeks, you should have been working the wire. Unfortunately this week is not great for rbs, but pick up some guys with some potential, because if you have an injury or even hit a bye week, you are completely screwed.

-Both of your rbs have underperformed draft value so far. I am hopeful that Demarco gets his act together, and McCaffrey seems to be getting more involved. There should be brighter days ahead for you here.

-You found a diamond in the rough with Watson. QBs are solid, good job.

All around solid but not great team. Keep pressing on, you’ll be just fine.


Be aggressive with trades and be aggressive on the waiver wire! Last year 2 people made the playoffs in my league with a 6 and 7 record so you never know what will happen. I would try to find someone who over values some of your players. Send trades offers and try to moves some of those WRs in favor of some RBs.

Try to package 2 players together to upgrade a position, what you need is players with safe floors and high ceilings because you have to go on a tear and start ripping this league apart.

Murray just had a good game but his hammy is clearly bothering him, I would trade him and a lower end WR to upgrade to possibly to Freeman, Shady, hell maybe even see if the Kareem Hunt owner will hear it out. And McCaffrey I’ve never been a huge believer of him but his usage this game was nice, see if you can sell high but if not I wouldnt be rushing to sell him.

Just remember a player is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them. Best of luck man!


Thanks guys, appreciate the advice. I think the injuries already got me and a failed to cover my rb position because it’s a three wr no flex team, I have already added Rob Kelly and it’s a pretty good chance I pick up Bilal Powell to bolster my bench. Already made the switch at the unfortunately, but should be able to continue streaming.

I tried for some trades that honestly favored the other team but no one bit, I’m OK with that because I think I have a top 5 team in this league so playoffs are possible

Not a bad roster, there’s hope. You’re WRs are good. McCaffery isn’t that good in standard. Furthermore, Murray is better in PPR and has Henry breathing down his neck. I would try to improve at least one of those RBS if not both. But don’t deal Evans unless you recoup a #1 WR. Good luck, I’m 1-5 in two leagues for what it’s worth.