I'm DONE with Doyle

I know WHEN he comes back, he’s prob gonna EVENTUALLY be back to full-steam. But…I’ve been sitting on him since the Draft…it’s half-way into the season!!! I’m going 2-4 this week. I’ve got Jared Cook on BYE this upcoming week…so I’m dropping Doyle and trying to grab either OJ or RSJ. TE is such a tough one this year!!! BUT…I can’t ride out Doyle any longer. I’m hurting…SO HE’S GOT TO GO!!! GRRRRRR!!! :disappointed: :rage:

OJ Howard is an easy win. I’ve been saying to pick him up for a while now. I’d rather have him than most of the other options in this waste land. Definitely prefer him to RSJ. Especially with winston back now who we all know loves his TEs.

Well, considering I’m prob gonna have the second or third WW PRIORITY, I prob should be able to get OJ, which I’d planned for my first choice. Glad to hear that somebody agrees with me. Thanks buddy!!!

THANK YOU!!! “WASTE LAND” couldn’t describe it any better!!! :angry: