I'm draft pick 9 for next year on a 12 team league snake draft

Snake draft, 12 team league, standard. I’m pick 9.
1 round rb
2 round Te kelce?

I wont be able to get kelce on 3rd round by the time is my turn. What do you think about that move??

Can you get Ertz in 3rd?

I wish!! People would have 1st dibs before me. I’m 9th, by 3rd round it starts back at 1.

2nd is a high price for a TE. Just look what it did for Gronk owners this year. If you want to be safe though you might have to because not sure who I would want going into next year beyond Ertz, Kittle, Kelce.

I would have never gone gronk even if I got paid 100 bucks for it. His an injured prone player. Kelce is not, I had ertz this year. Problem with ertz is Carson Wentz.

Wentz loves Ertz.