I'm freaking out mannnnnn

I’m 2-2 in my .5ppr league and like right in the middle of the pack. I’m not sure if I need to try and level up a few players or if I should sit tight for a few weeks. Feel like there have been a lot of injuries so far and a lot of high and low games for players. Hardly any consistency. So here’s my team, let me know if you think I should try to upgrade somewhere. Thanks in advance for the help!

QB Matt Ryan
RB Chris Carson
RB Josh Jacobs
WR Kupp
WR Watkins
WR/TE Shepard
TE Wallerus
D Packers

BE Damien Williams (just been holding him…)
BE Daniel Jones (kinda just fun to have lol)
BE Mark Andrews (rotating with Waller based on match ups)
BE Golden Tate
BE McLaurin
BE Singletary

I’d try to trade Waller or Andrews and one of your RB’s for an upgrade at RB or WR. No need to keep both and I am sure someone in your league needs a TE.

You should not be freaking out over 2-2. Team is fine. Trade if you can get value, otherwise, sit tight. You don’t have the roster firepower to score any heavy hitters (without killing your depth) until Damien Williams comes back and starts producing. Not a fan of Matt Ryan but that’s just my own personal bias.

Thanks for the advice guys. I’ll see what I can get for a TE this week, they both played fairly well. I’m hoping Williams returns as the 1, but Shady makes me nervous. I don’t like Ryan a ton either, but it’s a 6pt TD league so he has more upside with that.