I'm getting an earring if I lose this week HELP!

my RB’s are Gordon, A.collins, Hunt, Coleman, Darkwa,

my WR’s are Brown, Marvin Jones,

I need to know which 3 RB’s I’m starting in RB1, RB2 and flex…

if I lose this week, I’ve got to get a dangling cross earring like OBJ at our end of season party lol

Gordon is obviously getting the start but I’m having trouble with the other 2

standard scoring

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I would go Darkwa and A. Collins… and my team name is Kareem The Dream. If you want to gamble on hunt (not a horrible decision i think he will bounce back at some point) i would go A collins and Hunt

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I would run Gordon for sure against the Browns. I still have faith in Hunt’s ability and would run him as well. For the flex I would go with Collins, he has a great chance to break one against the Lions.

Also if you get he earring, pics.

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I second his selections, and we will certainly need a follow up with the earring situation.

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