I'm hit with injuries. hold/drop Hogan/Woods

I want to keep both, but would you drop Hogan for Doctson 1pt PPR if my other WR are Tate, Crabtree, Sanders, Woods, Shepard? I got hit all at once with extra injuries

Both could be back this year and are the #1 targets. It’s hard to know but I think I would prefer Woods or Hogan to Doctson

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I hear you. I have 6 good WR, and I don’t really want another one. I’ve got Kroft and ASJ at TE
RB LevBell, Kamara, Coleman and Duke Johnson…could get potentially try Perine for ASJ.
If my team is healthy…it’s been really good.

…and ride out Crabtree, Sanders, and Tate in harder match-ups this week